Speed Matters...

To Your Users

Anything over 150ms is a noticeable delay. According to Google, a 0.5 second additional delay on your website can reduce traffic by around 20%. Rocket speeds up your website which in turn can help to deliver more visitors (and revenue!) to your site.

To Google

As of April 2010, Google uses the speed of your site in it's ranking algorithm. This means that the speed of your site is directly affecting your position on Google.

Read more about this change on the Google Webmaster Blog

Google like fast websites. Did you know your Adwords quality score and cost is affected by your pages loading speed?

“At Google, we focus constantly on speed; we believe that making our websites load and display faster improves the user's experience and helps them become more productive.” 


“Google believes in instant satisfaction. You want answers and you want them right now.” 


Every Millisecond Counts - Google Youtube Channel 

Google states that speed wins 

Google VP - Speed is a "Market driver of Web 2.0"

To Your Profits

Servers and bandwidth cost money. Rocket will make your site much more efficient. You'll also save on development costs as Rocket instantly and automatically enables technology which would normally take a great deal of time to implement. Rocket also makes it easier to maintain a fast website. You can keep all your code and images separate and uncompressed - Rocket will take care of the rest.

To The Environment & Your Servers

Servers use a lot of electricity. Normally, a faster website means bigger and more power hungry servers; not with Rocket. Rocket technology will allow your server to use fewer CPU cycles and increase speed at the same time. Rocket's will save you precious bandwidth and power all the while improving your user's experience.